History of Homeopathy

Dr Samuel Hahnemann (April 1755- June 1843) the Founder of Homeopathy was German physician.

Myths and Facts

Homeopathic medicines act rapidly and the effect lasts much longer, as the disease is eradicated from its roots.

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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the most practiced Holistic system of medicine in the world today. It is a medical science introduced by German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. MD in 1794. It is a scientific system of medicine based on certain fixed laws and principles.
Interestingly, The Homeopathic medicines are prepared in such a way that rather than using harsh chemicals for treating humans, homeopathy uses potentized medicine substances in the form of nanoparticles, which have been found treating disease at much deeper level.

Homeopathy for everyone

Now no more worries to search best homeo doctors near me we are here to provide you best homeopathy solutions! Homeopathic medicine acts on everyone, whether it be infants, children, youngster, adult, Pregnant ladies or old aged person.

Benefits of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy is the natural way of curing illness from within with no side effect, their by removing disease from its root.

Safest Medicine

Homeopathic medicines do not lead to any drug dependency or substance abuse.

No Side Effects

Homeopathy is a side effect-free treatment that is gentle on the constitution.

Improves Immunity

Homeopathy works by stimulating and restoring the body’s vital energy to heal.


Homeopathic medicines are prepared from all natural resources therefore they are extremely effective in deep pathological cases like cancers, Kidney, Liver, intestinal, Heart, Neurological diseases and many other diseases etc.

Before and After Result

Plantar warts, medically known as verruca plantaris, are small, non-cancerous growths on the bottom of the foot. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), which enters through a cut or abrasion on the sole of the foot and infects the surrounding skin.

homeo doctors near me
homeo doctors near me

Case of Warts on Soles

Case of 52 year old lady presented with warts on right sole
very painful on walking since 5 year
patient had operated once but again it recurred later.
when patient came at Rootcure Homeopathy, a complete case history was taken with a Detailed
Examination medicine was prescribed where it completely expelled in 1 month of treatment.

How homeopathy helps?

Homeopathic medicine helps in curing the root cause of the disease. it helps not only in expulsion of the wart but also prevent its reoccurence. Removal of plantar wart with Surgery can completely be avoided with the Help of Homeopathy

homeo doctors near me

Dr Anamika Jalandra

Homeopathy Doctor in Jaipur

B.H.M.S, Dip.obesity Management, C.G.O, 7 Years Experience

Root Cure Homeopathy is founded by Dr. Anamika Jalandra. She is well renowned homeopath from Mumbai. She has passed out from Asia’s top Homeopathy college Smt. Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Homeopathic medical college, Mumbai. She also hold a certificate degree in Gynecology & obstetrics from Wadia Hospital, Mumbai. along with this she also holds her knowledge in the stream of obesity management from Indian Institute of Cosmetology, Trichology & Nutrition, Mumbai.

Root Cure Homeopathy is Mumbai based clinic which works on Advanced Homeopathy and cure the disease from its root.

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