4 ways to avert Depression with Homeopathy

4 ways to avert Depression with Homeopathy


Depression is a Mood disorder which is a very common and serious medical illness.

Depression is basically the way, wherein a person negatively feels about a subject, the way he thinks and how he acts. Fortunately, it is also treatable. 

There is always a feeling of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities which he used to enjoy. It can lead to a variety of other emotional and physical problems also. Thus, it can decrease a person’s ability to work whether at the workplace or at home.


Depression usually occurs after a major life event or a trauma. It can be after the death of a loved one or failure in an exam or at work.

Depression can be as a result of genes or Family tendency.

Stress is also a cause as well as trigger for depression

It can also be due to other medical illnesses like Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinsonism, Hypothyroidism etc.

Symptoms of Depression

  1. Constant feeling of Demotivation
  2. Loss of interest in activities
  3. Dull feeling even in a joyous moment
  4. Changes in sleep patterns either sleeping too much or decreased sleep.
  5. Forgetfullness, or difficulty in thinking, concentrating.
  6. Feeling of worthlessness.
  7. If not treated at time, thoughts of Death and suicide can be present.

                     Ways to prevent Depression

  1. Talk it out: People usually restrict their problems to themselves and like to suffer in silence. here is the biggest mistake to make. If you are feeling depressed or is having above symptoms of depression, you should Talk it out. Talk to a person whom you are close to, whether be friend, husband or your Doctor. Share your feelings and emotions, there is definently a way to overcome this.
  1. Start with a Hobby: having a hobby is the best way to help yourself emotionally as well as physically. Start writing a book or write down your feelings in a personal diary and never share that with anyone. Also you can start any sport hobby like badminton, football, cricket etc.
  1. Start with a Medical Treatment: As soon as you are diagnosed with Depression, Medical treatment should be started immediately. (homeo doctors near me)

               Homeopathy offers excellent results in depression cases. Homeopathy is basically a scientific stream of medical which cures the person not only physically but also mentally and completely from the root cause as a whole. 

Depression can be treated with Homeopathy very effectively. It has medicines, depending on cause, symptoms and stages of depression.

Here are few very effectives Homeopathic medicines for Depression

  • Depression after Disappointment in love – Natrum mur
  • Depression after Death of loved ones/husband – Ignatia
  • Depression after Childbirth – Sepia
  1. Counselling is must: Counselling is a part of all psychiatric treatment. It helps patients to feel relieved and relaxed. Also it helps in better clarity of thoughts.

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