5 Best Homeopathic medicine to boost Immunity

5 Best Homeopathic medicine to boost immunity-Rootcure Homeopathy in Jaipur
5 Best Homeopathic medicine to Boost Immunity -Rootcure Homeopathy

Immunity is a fighting mechanism of one’s body towards any external effects. Immunity is a protective shield of the body. Having good immunity is essential as it prevents oneself from falling ill very frequently.

Now, we have this question that how to build up an immunity? …..Homeopathy has the answer to this.

#Homeopathy is a system of medicine, where the medicines are prepared in such a way that it works on the Immunity of the body.  This basically means Homeopathic medicine strengthens the body’s capacity to fight disease. When Homeopathic medicines are given to the patient, that person becomes much stronger and doesn’t fall ill frequently.

The best medicine to improve immunity is undoubtedly the Constitutional medicine for that particular patient. From our better understanding and results, the following medicines have shown excellent results in improving immunity.

  • Echinacea augustifolia: Echinacea is a medicine prepared from a herb anciently used in many countries to fight infections. it is used to fight infections, especially the common cold, and the flu. Some people take echinacea at its first episode of a cold. It is reported to stimulant effects on the immune system and is used in cases of recurrent infections, pustular acne, inflammatory processes, and chronic ulcers.
  • Sulphur : it is a medicine prepared from mineral “sulphur’.Homeopathically it is called King of Psora. In common terms, if given by a registered homeopathic physician, it is the best medicine to fight or develop any diseases. It has its best effects on skin diseases like ringworm, eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, etc.
  • Tuberculinum: it is a nosode. It has excellent results in children who fall ill very frequently. It is best used for patients and children who suffer from upper respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.
  • Arsenic album: This medicine is prepared from a mineral called “arsenic”. Arsenic is best used for frequent cold, coryza with a lot of sneezing. Restlessness with complaints is the main keynote for this medicine.
  • Gelsemium: it is best used in patients who suffer from flu at the beginning of season especially cold damp weather. Sneezing with fullness at root of nose with a dull headache and fever occurs. Gelsemium patients usually have anticipatory anxiety with dullness and sleepiness.

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