Alopecia (Hairfall) is completely reversible- Get treated with top Homeopathic Medicines.

Alopecia refers to loss of hair from the head and parts of the body. It is also called hair loss. Common types of Alopecia including male- female pattern hair loss, alopecia Arcata, thinning ofhair known as telogen effluvium.

Causes of Alopecia:-

1. Pulling out of hair

2. Certain medications including chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, hypothyroidism

3. Malnutrition

4. Fungal infections

5. Radiation therapy

6. Stress

7. Injury

8. Smoking

9. Aging

10. Menopause

11. Childbirth

12. Hormonal imbalance

13. Skin lesion and scarring

Symptoms of Alopecia:-

1. Loss of hair from scalp or from any particular area of scalp or any other part of the body.

Scope of homeopathy treatment in Alopecia:-

Homeopathy has a very good Scope in cases of Alopecia. Homeopathy has constitutional treatment which is best and physicians take patients’ complete history and psychological history into consideration and according to that homeopathic medicine prescribed. Homeopathy treatment helps to treat the psychological and underlying cause of Alopecia. Homeopathy medicines do not contain any chemicals so they don’t have any side effects on the body.

Some of best homeopathic medicine for Alopecia are as follows:-

1.Acid Fluor- Hair loss after fever such as typhoid.

Indication: is one of the best medicines for Alopecia. Patient presenting that their hair is dry tangled easily and breaks off easily. Acid Fluor helps in regrowth of the hair. Patient has desire for highly seasoned food, craves for cold water and warm water causes diarrhea.

2. Thuja – hair fall due to scaly dandruff

Indication: it is one of best medicine when patient presents with hair loss due to Fungal infection like dandruff. Dandruff is white scaly that falls on the shoulder and on clothes. Thinning of hair with dry and falling out. Patients also have warts on their skin .

3. Natrum mur- Hair loss after Childbirth or due to anemia

Indication: Nat mur acts well when hair loss is experienced after pregnancy or due to anemia. Hair fall usually occurs from the frontal area of the head. Nat mur patient has greasy skin specifically on hairy parts. It acts well in women’s and girls if school going who’s has recurrent anemia headache. And patients also present with eruptions on the margins of hairy and patient have a desire for salt and worsen from eating excess salt.

4. Lycopodium- premature baldness or premature graying of hair.

Indication: This medicine acts well patient presenting with an early age baldness or early age graying of hair. Patients have a desire for sweets. Patient also presenting with bloated abdomen with flatulence. Patients presenting with typically male female pattern hair loss.

5. Phosphorus- complete hair loss in patches

Indication: phosphorus is one of the great remedy for hair falling out in large circle and falls in bunches. Also presenting with itchy scalp and dandruff . Patient has strong desire for chilled water and the bad effects of eating too much salt.

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