Confidence With Eczema- Because Homeopathy has the answer.

Eczema is an inflammatory, relapsing, non-contagious and itchy skin disorder. Eczema is a long term skin condition and it is also called atopic dermatitis.

Causes and triggering factors of eczema:-

        1.Dry skin

        2.Irritants and allergens


        4.Viral, bacterial and fungal infections

        5.Excess sweating


        7.Low immunity


Symptoms of Eczema:-

1.Red patches over the skin

2.Dry rough skin with blisters

3.Intense itching on skin with bleeding

4.Formation of thick layers over the affected areas of skin with and without discharge

5.Discharge thick or watery from affected areas

Scope of homeopathy treatment in eczema:-

Homeopathy scope in eczema is holistic and it provides permanent cure in such cases.

Homeopathy has constitutional treatment which is best and usually taken by a certified homeopathic practitioner. A patient’s complete history, physical, general complaints, family history, past history and childhood history and psychological history is taken into consideration and according to that homeopathic medicine prescribed.

Few specific homeopathy medicines are available for treatment as follows:-

1.Graphitis – Eruptions oozing out a sticky discharge.

Indication: it is one of the best homeopathy medicine for eczema when there is thick yellow watery and sticky discharge from the affected area. Patients might be sensitive toward cold.

2. Mezereum- Eczema after vaccination with intolerable itching worsen in bed and relieve from touch

Indication this homeopathy medicine is suitable for patients which tend to form a leathery crust on the scalp and hair tends to get matted due to discharge. Patient feels intense itching, especially at night.

3.Sulphur- Eczema with itching,burning worse by scratching and washing

Indication: this homeopathic medicine is best for patients presenting eczema with violent itching which is worse by scratching. Burning is caused by scratching. Patients have dirty looking skin.

4. Petroleum- Eczema worse in winters

Indication: this homeopathic medicine is indicated when a patient presents with dry and sensitive skin, rough and cracked easily in winters. Eczema with itching and burning worse in winters and itching worse at night. Skin of the patient cracked easily and bleeds.

5.Rhus tox- Eczema with intense itching relieved by hot application.

Indication: it is one of the best medicines when patients present with eczema that looks red and swollen. Itching intensely and better by hot applications. Patients are physically restless due to discomfort and often very irritable and anxious .Patients have muscle stiffness better by warmth and continuous motion and worse by rest.

6.Psorinum- Eczema with itching better from warmth of bed

Indication: psorinum is one of the best medicines for eczema which is located specifically in bends of joints like knee or elbow bend or behind ear. Itching is intolerable and constant scratching can cause skin to become red and even bleed. Itching is better by warmth in bed or at night.

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