Fever viral infection of R.T.

Common cold- Common Cold is one of the most common contagious diseases and it is the cause of various types of viruses, being a contagious disease, common cold can easily spread through air or by direct contact through any affected person or surface where the virus is present it takes at least approximately seven days.(advanced homeopathic clinic)


1-Blocked or dummy nose

2-Coughing and ineering

3-wild fever

4 -Headache and body ache

5-Loss of taste and smell

6-core throat



Cleavage of weather,rainy season, poor immunity.

Scope of homeopathic medicine in common cold:-

In common cold homeopathic medicine has good scope homeopathic has a very large number of medicine for treatment of common cold which is dud these remedies are prescribed or the basis of symptoms and constitutional study which include patient complete treatment (physical or mental) as well as general,family, past history,childhood history,and few of them.most effective common cold treatment not only symptoms relief but also reduces the frequency of commocold and impact of the patient or available for treatment as follows .














Cough and carry 2a worse from cold drinks or food and better by warm drinks.

Indication: One of the best medicines for common cold nasal discharge is this water or exercising the nose and around the upper lip.There is swearing without any relief and burning watering eyes also present. Patient cannot drink beer right or smell of food and there is great thrust but drinks at little time mentality of patient is angry and patient is better by warm drinks and headache and relieved by cold application.Cough with frothy eop.


Common high fever with persistence of throbbing headache.

Indication: It is the best medicine suited in case of more swearing sign of cold such as high fever and throbbing headache .Patient can take cold easily. There is a sudden set of fever and more and more days without a dry cough liule.There is difficulty in swallowing liquid.


Common cold with chilling fer feelling.

Indication: It is one of the best suitable made for comoncold where patient is there and chili feeling patient has receiving cold and stoppage of right hosting with pair of the root of nose and finished all the taste of the food .Dry cough is swearing and right and just sit and upper bed to get relief and there is loose cough is noyhing.Mentaly patient is wild , gente sad crying,easily weeps, when talking exchangeable.


Violent swearing and cough with profuse yellow expected value very glantios and sticky.

Indication: It is one of great medicines for those who have violent swearing and cough with discharge of profuse yellow expectro.There is no desire to drink water. Patient has a headache and in eyebrows and there is loss of smell with fluency and an obstruction of the nose. Patients are better from neat and warm and hot in the morning and in hot weather.


Nose obstruction at night with gastric symptoms.

Indication: This is one of the best medicine suited for those patient who have present with stuffy cold,stuffed with nose especially at night after exposure to dry cold atmosphere and worse in warm room running nose in daytime only .patient also present with hearing & pain in stomach nausea is morning after eating ,worse eating after cough with smell as if something in chest cough cause bursting headache.Patient feel chill or being uncovered yet he does not want to covered.

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