Growing Leg Pain In Children

Homeopathic Management

Growing pains are cramping or aching pains in limbs usually occurring in  kids age between 3 to 12 years. 


∙ Increased physical activity can lead to overuse of your child’ s  muscles, which can cause pain. 

∙ Some studies show that children with growing pains have a lower  pain threshold. These children are more likely to  

have headaches and abdominal pain as well. 

∙ Many children with growing pains have very flexible joints  (hypermobility) and have flat feet. Being hypermobile can cause  growing pains. 

∙ Studies found that children with growing pains have less bone  strength due to low vitamin D levels. 

Symptoms and signs- 

∙ Pain occurs mostly in a child’ s legs (shins, calves, thighs or behind  their knees) and affect both sides of their body. 

∙ Night pains 

∙ No pain or stiffness in morning 

∙ Pain will often occur on days of increased physical activity. ∙ Deep cramping or aching pain. The degree of pain can be mild or  very severe.  

∙ Some children feel growing pains for a couple of minutes and  others feel the pains for several hours.  

∙ Growing pains may be intermittent, with pain-free intervals from  days to months. In some children, the pain can occur daily.

Homeopathic Management 

1. Calcarea Phos – Leg pains with numbness and crawling sensation  and tendency to perspiration. 

2. Rhus Tox – Pains after overuse of muscles. 

3. Magnesium Phos – When pain is better by pressure 

4. Calcarea Carb – For pains in back of leg in calf muscles with sour  foot sweat and weakness of extremities 

5. Silicea – When legs feel cold and weak along with Pain. Weakness of  bones due to defective assimilation of nutrients. 

6. Guaiacum – For Thigh Pain 

7. Agaricus – For Pricking pains in front of the lower leg in Shin Bone. General Management- 

Massage – Children often respond to gentle massage.  ∙ Hot Fomentation-Heat can help soothe sore muscles.  

Stretching exercises-Stretching the muscles in the legs during the  day may help prevent pain at night.