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How do I identify homeopaths expertise?

  • Qualification (Medico-legal)
  • Medical training background of the homeopath
  • What are the chances of recovery in his/her opinion?
  • Physician is in his best frame of mind
  • If or not he/she is medically trained
  • Association with institute or other organization and medical credentials
  • ur homeopath should be able to give you a prescription on request

How do I make my homeopath communicate with my conventional doctor, to my advantage?

As described earlier, please find out if your homeopath is trained in medical science which will allow him/her to communicate with your local doctor, if need be. If your local doctor would be able to talk to your homeopath, it will work to your advantage.

Availability of your homeopath

Please find out if your homeopath is working full time as homeopath or he/she has other business or professional activities. In some countries, there are part time homeopaths. Ideally, a homeopath should be working professionally as a “full time” homeopath, in order that you get proper attention. Also, find out if your homeopath has a professional set up such as a clinic, clinical staff, pharmacist, nurse (medical assistants), etc.

Check if your homeopath has a system to keep all your records confidentially, which include your case details, photos. etc. The homeopath should also be able to retrieve your case details in future for at least 10 years.

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