What can be the reason for a lump in Breast or Fibroadenoma?


#FIBROADENOma (Lump in Breast)

Definition: Fibroadenoma or Lump is a swelling protuberance, bulging or bump in the breast that feels different from the normal breast tissue.

It is a solid Benign tumor which is a non cancerous tumor in which epithelial cells are arranged in a fibrous stroma.


  • Breast Cysts: Fluid filled sacs in breast tissue are usually benign.
  • Infection
  • Fat necrosis
  • Fibrocystic breast

Lump of breast varying in size

It can be identified with the help of breast size whether it becomes fatal (dangerous) or not.

1. 1 cm/less – Small Fibroadenoma considered


2. Upto 3 cm-Large Fibroadenoma considered

3. More than 3cm – Giant Fibroadenoma considered Disease.


  • Age – Incidence usually occurs with menstruating females at any age.
  • Painless swelling (lump) in the breast.
  • Smooth, firm to hard consistency, freely movement of lump in breast.
  • Elderly age patients may not have a characteristic feature due to fibrosis occurring in the breast.


1. Simple Fibroadenoma have no family history of breast cancer and have no risk of cancer.

2. Complex Fibroadenoma show cyst, sclerosis adenosis, calcification have increased risk of cancer may show some symptoms:

  • Frequency of pain increased.
  • Bleeding does not stop.
  • Poor wound healing.


  • Homeopathic treatment is effective in stabilizing the health of an individual, affected by fibroadenoma and its effects at various stages of fibroadenoma which help in dissolving internally the lump in breast. Homeopathy medicines will be prescribed on the basis of the cause or etiology of the disease or clinical condition i.e. sign and Symptoms.

Here are a few Homeopathic remedies that help In the treatment of fibroadenoma and thus, reducing the intensity of symptoms:

Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for Fibroadenoma:-


  • This medicine very effective in the treatment of fibroadenoma.
  • Indicated in “mammary gland are hard and sore with inflammation of the Breast Tissue”.
  • The region of breast becomes hard, nodular, tender to touch with burning and stinging pain in the breast.
  • Also there is a discharge of pus from the nipple and if lesions occur then it may lead to the fibrosis.


  • When there is inflammation i.e.redness, swelling with induration and enlargement of the lump in breast.
  • The lump in breast is hard and sensitive to touch with infiltration.
  • Edges of the lump are sharply defined with a bloody discharge from the nipple and it becomes sensitive to cold and complaints become worse when anything is taking cold.


  • The patient has a tendency to indurated glands.
  • The patient is weak and emaciated, fainting due to improper assimilation.
  • Mammary gland is swelling with Fat Necrosis and glandular cell myoblastoma are common in this remedy.
  • Patient complains of pain and tenderness with an engorged nipple, cracks and discharge of watery fluid.


  • Lump in breast which is hard, movable with clear margins and sharp in nature.
  • Nodules are in upper right quadrant.
  • Patients are very sensitive to cold air/ atmosphere.
  • Pain at the tip of urethra, back extending to the sacrum..
  • This remedy acts well after surgery on the breast


  • Mammae full of hard, painful nodosities.
  • Breast is full of stony hard and painful especially when suppuration occurs.
  • Pain in the breast occurs when child nurse pain goes from nipple all over the body.
  • Cracks and small ulcers around nipple