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  • In the case of requesting a refund, please send an e-mail to PSS or call our Mumbai office
  • In the case of having medicine being sent or collected from our center, there will not be any possibility to get a refund as our medicines and consultation are individual specific.
  • The refund will be made available from our Mumbai center office. The time taken to get a refund may be dependent on the factors such as the credit card company, bank or other institutes, over which we may have no control.
  • If the above institutes levy extra charges for a refund, the refund amount may vary accordingly.
  • A refund may be made in US$ or Indian Rupees depending on the regulations.
  • Refund request is applicable if made within 30 days of placing fresh treatment or within 30 days of the beginning of the remaining applicable treatment period (4 or 8 months) before the medicines are dispatched.
  • Life Force reserves rights to modify the refund policy at its discretion, without notice.
  • Please note that Life Force is not liable to give any refund to those patients who do not revert back to us by sending a reply to the questionnaire, within one year of signing up for the treatment. Those patients who do not reply to the questionnaire even after reminders twice (by e-mail as well as by post), will not be liable for any refund nor any medication if they do not respond within one year from the date of sign-up or within 8 months of the dispatch of the last batch of medicine, in the case of those who have chosen for 8 or 12 months plan.
  • Patients choosing the wrong treatment plan in terms of location (e.g. choosing India plan despite residing outside India), will have to produce the valid proof of residence, failing which a refund will be given after deducting an amount equivalent to USD 25. The refund will be given in Indian Rupees by a cheque.
    Use of our services amounts to agreeing to the refund policy.
  • In case you have questions or queries, please feel free to talk to our support team.
  • All those patients who have signed-up/renewed treatment plan before 10th July. 2017, click here for old refund policy.


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