What is Hypertension? How to get it treated safely?


Taking stress has become a very integral part of human life. The habit of competing in every aspect and the never-ending hunger to get anything without a fixed limit has taken its toll on the human body.

The never-ending emotional and mental disturbance and uneasiness have created diseases for the human species.

Hypertension, also known as High Blood Pressure, has become pretty normal. Almost one person in 4 people in India is suffering from this disease, and only 12% of people have their Blood pressure in check.

So let’s go into the details of Hypertension in this article, highlighting every major aspect. And even about a homeopathy doctor near me and you to get treated safely.

What is Hypertension?

It’s a medical condition in which the blood pressure upon arteries walls is too high, which is caused when blood pressure is too high.

The more the arteries are narrower, the more pressure increases, which can lead to severe health issues in the long term, like heart disease. 

This condition mainly doesn’t have symptoms. It arrives very quickly and takes a long period to get noticeable.

So early detection is pretty tough but needs to be done to avoid damaging organs. Regular checking of your blood pressure can help the doctor to identify and treat Hypertension.

Symptoms of Hypertension

Many people don’t experience symptoms. It takes a huge period to become visible. A regular interval of checkups may help one to detect some of the symptoms.

Here are some of the noted symptoms of Hypertension:-

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Short breaths
  • Blurring of vision
  • Nosebleeds

These symptoms are present in every case. But if these are starting to show in your body, then immediately consult your doctor. And if you have a family history of High Blood Pressure, then it’s advisable to always have regular checkups with your doctor regarding your blood pressure and other symptoms which may be present.

Cause of Hypertension?

Mainly it’s caused due to unhealthy lifestyle with too much mental pressure and no proper rest of body and mind. Being overweight and having an unhealthy intake of sugar and salt with no proper exercise.

It can even occur if one has a gene or family history of High blood pressure.

It can be a side effect of a certain drug. Or due to chronic consumption of alcohol and caffeine and even certain illegal drugs.

Certain cases are very minimum where the person has problems like over or underactive or overactive thyroid gland, kidney stone, adrenal gland problems, and certain endocrine tumors.

Even age sometimes acts as a factor. Like as a person ages, they become more susceptible to Hypertension. (best homeopathy doctor near me)

Who is more at Risk?

  • Not only adults even small children are highly in danger of Hypertension.
  • A person gets to age, their chance of High blood pressure increases no matter the gender.
  • Family history plays a major role.
  • People with an unhealthy diet and no proper exercise which doesn’t make sure that their bodies are moving physically.
  • Having problems like obesity.
  • The ones who are addicted to caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Over intake of sodium and potassium.
  • Who always remains in stress and experiences heavy emotions like anger, shouting, etc.
  • If certain people are going through a certain chronic condition.

So from all these risks, we even get the points we can cut off and improve to control one’s blood pressure.


Hypertension is a very common disease around the world which is caused due to our hectic life. People opt for medicines to keep their blood pressure in check.

But it’s better to take help from a homeopathy doctor near me and you to maintain our blood pressure.

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